I have been continually saddened and dismayed by the lack of specialist training when it comes to working with Eating Disorders and Obesity and the lack of therapists who are able to work in this dark and often difficult world of these often deeply distressing illnesses. I have just finished running three of my six week “Take The food, weight & shape off your mind”, courses which were very successful throughout last year, and was surprised that even though one of the very lovely clearly accomplished and recently BACP trained therapists on my course, admitted to have been given no formal training in this field and indeed the other very competent therapists who  despite having many years experience also had limited knowledge regarding the complexities  regarding working in this world.

My two day courses in November aims to change that, and my vision and passion is to train as many therapists and professionals in this area, in order to reach those desperate families and individuals struggling to find their way. My course will endeavour to empower people to work with confidence and competence, and eliminate some of the fear and trepidation that appears to strike anxiety in the hearts of therapists and in the way that it once did mine.

Please contact me to have a conversation regarding my training which is based on my past and current training by Deanne Jade Principal and Founder of The National Centre of Eating Disorders on 01892-546773/ 07746679301.