Kim R (Take the food, weight & shape off your mind course)

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has at times struggled with addictive behaviours; that are often based around food (one too many biscuits, several more unnecessary roast potatoes!) Bernie Wright has tackled and unraveled the seemingly mysterious reasons behind the behaviours of unhappy people choosing to get on and off the dieting treadmill, who often see little lasting results and clarified the truth. This course reaches out to everyone across the board, from therapists, patients, those with seemingly overwhelming issues around food or other addictions and those who just find it helpful and interesting to understand human behaviour a little deeper; and whilst crucially, the content is not overwhelming or difficult to follow it is still entirely absorbing. This course will help people, either to help themselves or others and in a world where we are often surrounded by negative messages of perfection in glossy mags and the latest fad diets (destined to make us feel like failures) it is a welcome relief to know you can trust someone to tell you what is actually happening whilst showing you how to feel good about yourself again.

Zoe Muller (Behavioural Biologist)

I really enjoyed the 2-day course on Eating Disorders. This was my first exploration of this complex field, and Bernie did a wonderful job of making the topic interesting, accessible and easy to understand. The course far exceeded my expectations, and I found it to be incredibly useful and of great value. The other participants were very friendly, and we all benefitted from group discussions and from hearing each other’s knowledge and experience. I have started looking into the Master Practitioner course, and so hopefully I will see you again there next year 🙂 An excellent course, thank you!

Samantha Bloom (Nutritionist)

Thank you Bernie, I found you incredibly warm and engaging and inspiring. I totally felt your passion to help people that are struggling with ED’s and would recommend you to all my clients if you had space!!!! I totally trusted you as a practitioner and felt that you were very clear and sensitive to the needs of the group.

Heather L

The course has helped me break the diet/binge cycle and concentrate on mindful and healthy eating. It gave me an understanding of the physiological and psychological factors influencing my eating behaviour and the tools to help me stop and think before eating. Since taking the course I’ve given up sugar and feel so much healthier and as a bonus lost over 10Ib.

Jackie Barrett BACP Counsellor

“This two day course is an absolute must for both counsellors and supervisors. It really is a course which does what it says on the tin: I learnt tools which I used the very next week with my clients. The course gave such a wealth of information about eating disorders and I have gone back to my practice suddenly seeing clients with new eyes and recognising eating issues which had previously gone unnoticed. I have been able to teach my supervisees how to work ethically with eating disorders which I wouldn’t have been able to do before the course. Bernie is a fantastic trainer: highly experienced, extremely generous with hand-outs and able to facilitate such a safe and supportive environment that I found myself asking more questions and making a lot more comments than I have on other courses.”

Andy Spencer Ad Dip Counsellor MBACP

Bernie’s 2 day Introduction to Eating Disorders course gave me an excellent understanding of this important subject. Her knowledge, experience and expertise were evident throughout the course. The course offers a good balance of information with practical down to earth interventions you can make during counselling. We had the opportunity to practice and see role modelling of these interventions. I would thoroughly recommend this course to any professional who deals with eating disorders as part of their practice.

Charlotte B

I can't thank you enough and I really see my time with you as a turning point in my life - a sort of pre-Bernie and post-Bernie. Some of that I know is due to it to being the right time for me to make the change, and to our rapport. But mainly I think to your skill, and patience and pace. So thank you again.

Sue T

This course has made me realize previous weight loss journeys have always been about treating symptoms (weight gain) whereas now I have tools to address the source (why I’d gained the weight in the 1st place). This course is not about a short term fix but a long term solution.

Amanda Atkins Ad Dip Counsellor MBACP

I loved the course, so informative and interesting. I would be very Interested in the eating disorder's one day clinical interventions course in March and I will make my fellow collegaues aware of Februarys 2 day course.

Sally R

I had expected the course to be about the next new ‘faddy’ diet. I thought I would be nagged about the usual things I couldn’t eat and what I should be eating! Far from it! The course focused on you, as a person, and whether you were ready to make the necessary adaptations to your life to bring about change. This gave everyone a fascinating insight. Bernie has a warm and generous personality and she quickly made us all feel relaxed and at ease. We felt happy that any issues raised would be treated both confidentially and empathetically. Lots to think about! Sally

Tom B (Take the food weight& shape off your mind)

Bernie is doing a superb job and is clearly extremely experienced in her area of expertise. This course is extremely useful in many different ways and I would absolutely advise anyone with a variety of anxiety, depression, food, or other related issues to attend the course.

Isaura Manoso Ad Dip Counselling MBACP

Introduction to Eating Disorders 2 day training course. It was brilliant!

Heather Randall Ad Dip Counselling MBACP

A very clear and concise course which brings into awareness some causes of eating disorders and how they can manifest.  With practical steps explained that can be taken to address eating disorders, such as addressing emotions, self nurturing and becoming more assertive.   By developing a better self-esteem, people can choose to eat more healthily and not need to rely on poor food and drink choices to comfort themselves.   For me, this course brought into my awareness, how sometimes my healthier eating habits have been sabotaged by others in the past.   Bernie has a lovely way of making this course a lot of fun, whilst still addressing some very serious issues.   I can thoroughly recommend this course to professionals and non-professionals alike.  

Julie A

Bernie is a breath of fresh air and very different from my experiences of therapy in the past, she is honest, caring and swiftly engaged with me as an individual. Amazingly, despite my problems and the seriousness of my Eating Disorder she often made me laugh out loud, she was always confident that I would get well and I did. I recommend Bernie to everyone looking for a really competent and ethical therapist whether they have eating issues or not as she has an amazing ability to get the job done.

Sandra Y

An excellent, throughly enjoyable course and extremely helpful.

Jane P

Hi Bernie hope you are well after all these years, just wanted you to know that I have just had a beautiful little girl called Megan and we are incredibly happy. Megan is a dream come true as after so many years of my life suffering from Anorexia I never believed I would conceive. I just wanted to thank you so, so much as I know if I hadn’t had seen you when I did I would still been entrenched in that awful dark world with my Eating Disorder.

Jane & Simon B

Thank you for all your fantastic help and support this year. We have made some great progress since first we met you. And the journey will continue in 2018!

Philippa P

Bernie, for the first time in my life, I look at myself and know I'm an amazing person. It's a lovely feeling to finally feel good about myself. I just wanted to thank you for your help, I know its your job, but I hope you can comprehend the difference you've make to peoples lives, especially mine. Its strange to say, I hope I don't see you again and yet I know if I need you, you're there. Thanks again.

Frances Button BACP (Accred) Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Bernie’s training in eating disorders is totally professional and informative. Her passion and expertise made a two-day course incredibly inspiring and enjoyable. A solid beginning for anyone contemplating this field of work and professionally I have benefited greatly from learning more about this subject.

Caroline S

Bernie literally saved my life, she was the third therapist I had seen and I had given up on hope of ever feeling better and yet due to her empathy and her confidence in my ability to thrive I am now living the life I only dreamed of.

Samantha P

The only Counsellor ever who separated my identity from my Eating Disorder and I was blown away. Thank you Bernie.

Diana M (Take the food, weight &shape off your mind course)

Bernie is enthusiastic and passionate about this subject and this has enabled me to understand some of the complex thinking that underpins weight gain. She certainly knows her subject and makes learning enjoyable.

Richard N (Take the food, weight & shape off your mind)

Bernie is a tour de force. The course really defined for me on a practical and deep level how everything is interconnected and must be seen as a whole – all thoughts, actions and emotions can be deeply entwined with food decisions. I’m now seeing my choices as either providing energy and clarity or taking it away, whilst also and when appropriate enjoying my love of food without worrying. 

Linds Ailles Ad Dip Counselling MBACP

I recently attended Bernie's two day training in Eating Disorders and Obesity. Eating Disorders is an area which I personally find to be under resourced in the NHS and this course offered valuable insight into these complicated and distressing disorders. I found this course hugely beneficial and I feel that I am now better placed to offer my clients a deeper understanding and support. Bernie is such an enthusiastic presenter transferred to the client group which was excellent, also the size of the group was perfect. A further follow up course I believe would be advantageous.

Christine King Ad Dip Counselling MBACP

I really enjoyed the course Bernie, love your enthusiasm, great group and you made it so enjoyable. Thank you

Belinda S

My daughter Elizabeth told me she found your course so useful and we are very grateful. She hardly leaves the house so it was a great achievement for her to come every week and we feel more hopeful for the journey.

Peter H

A belated thank you Bernie I have been meaning to drop you a line. As you may remember my wife Sally and I were on the bring of divorce when we came to see you and I was convinced that counselling was just a box to be ticked. We have just returned from an amazing family holiday in France with our two children and five grandchildren and I looked at them all over lunch one day was so struck by how I had nearly lost all of that. Sally and I are now so happy together again. Thank you.

Pamela C

I trusted you completely and yet sometimes I was so angry with you and when I was angry you were so tolerant and kind and allowed me to see humour in my rantings and now my family is thriving and without you that would never have happened. I was angry with you because you paced recovery and when I attempted to bully you into submission, you stood your ground, Thank you Bernie.

Simon T

I have no words worthy enough and you know me well. Thank you

Antonia D

"Taking the Weight off my Mind", course. The course was most interesting and enjoyable and was very enlightening about how our minds respond to different situations in our life. It was presented in a very easy to understand way and it was time well spent and I would join Bernie's course when she has the next interesting subject.

Marilyn Ridgewell (Currently training in Eating Disorders)

What was the feedback I overheard …FIK Factual, Informative/Interesting and Knowledgeable …I would add presented with Passion. As Sam said …I totally trusted you as a practitioner and felt that you were very clear and sensitive to the needs of the group….I would agree.