Couples Meditation

Mediation for Couples Divorcing or Separating

What is divorce Mediation?

It is not just an alternative to litigation, but a completely different method of reaching decisions about children, support and property division.

If you are reading this page our sense is that you suspect or indeed know that your relationship is in crisis. Sometimes you may come to the painful conclusion that the only option left to you is to go your separate ways at Healing Minds we will support you to make the transition as painless as possible and guide you as you tread through the minefield of legal, personal and often as a side effect of your circumstances professional difficulties.

Divorce or separation is painful and often deeply saddening for everyone involved, our clients have often compared it to bereavement, the difference being is that the person is still alive. Even if both parties have mutually agreed to separate, it can still be difficult especially if children are involved. Divorce or separation affects the whole family system, therefore grandparents, brothers, sisters and even friends can struggle as they attempt to come to terms with the separation.

At Healing Minds we are mindful of the pain that a separation can have and encourage all parties (if applicable) to embark on couples counselling in the first instance, to ensure that a reconciliation is not possible. As therapists we have often been touched to see couples realise that deep down they still truly love each other and realise that separation is not what they wanted after all.

Sometimes however, for whatever reason reconciliation is not possible and mediation may become a consideration. Mediation is for anyone who wants to control and indeed minimise the devastating impact of divorce or separation can have on a family and wants to do something about it. Working as mediators, our job is to help you control the emotional and financial costs thereby supporting you in ending your relationship with as much care and dignity as possible. An ending of a relationship is as we stated earlier especially difficult if children are involved and we are constantly reminded as we work of the affects that separation can have on children and indeed grown adults.

Following on from the latter in therapy we spent much time with both children and grown adults helping them to recover from the effects of parental separation.

Couples Mediation

As mediators we support you, advice you and guide you as you move through this extremely difficult transition period. We stand between you and with you through a stage in your life that you may often feel so horribly alone.

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