Emotional Freedom Technique

What is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT?)

EFT is described as acupuncture for the emotions but without the needles and is based on the theory that ‘all negative emotions are caused by disruption in the body energy system.’

It is known as psychological acupuncture, as it utilises the same energy levels. It is safe, gentle and can often dramatically reduce or relieve emotional disturbances along with many physical symptoms.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is sometimes described as ‘psychological acupressure’, was developed in the USA in the 1990′s and has been hailed as ‘universal healing aid’.

A gentle yet powerful therapy, it can reach down into the complex nature of eating disorders, to manage all kinds of difficult issues normally resistant to traditional therapies such as cravings, resistance to change and body hatred and addictions.

EFT is a safe therapy which is easily learned and can effectively be used alongside more evidence-based therapies.

EFT is a meridian therapy which uses the skills of Cognitive Therapy by stimulating acupressure points while at the same time restructuring automatic unhelpful beliefs, underlying assumptions and values. The rapid shifts in thinking lead to relief from unwanted negative emotions. This in turn will lead to more adaptive behavioral choices in any domain of life..

Using EFT with Eating Disorders and Obesity

EFT is useful in many ways such as:

-Managing cravings

-Confronting compulsions and impulsive behaviour

-Resistance to self-harming behaviour such as purging

-Weakening anorexic thinking

-Stopping self harming behaviour such as purging

-Managing fat feelings or other body image problems

-De-programming eating disorder rituals

-Dealing with underlying trauma

-Benefits to self and client

EFT is very portable and my clients like it and are quickly able to apply this technique that is easy to “do at home” with safety.