1. Reduce portion sizes for both food and high calorie drinks

2. Never eat whilst doing something else such as watching TV, walking,
driving, etc.

3. When full stop eating, if you hate wasting food save the food for another

4. Eat regular meals and enjoy protein with your meals.

5. Weigh yourself to help keep yourself in check however take care not to not be controlled by the scales or let them dictate your self esteem.

6. Avoid processed foods and takeaways, where possible try to cook from

7. Get the whole family involved in cooking

8. Drink more water, don’t confuse being thirsty with hunger.

9. Make activity a bigger part of each day, use interactive tools to
measure your steps (however I would not recommend the latter if you have a tendency towards obsessive behaviour).

10. Remember changes need to fit in with your lifestyle otherwise you will stop
doing it very quickly.

11. You do not need to be a super athlete, regular walks for more than 30
minutes each day will benefit your health hugely.

12. If yo-yo dieting or past or present eating issues have been a problem, I would strongly recommend therapy from a therapist experienced  in working in this field.

13) Educate yourself on stabilising your Blood Sugars.

14) Educate yourself on the Body Mass Index and  the Set Point Theory.