The New Maudsley Method Zoom Bitesize Skills Workshop for Adult Siblings of a Loved One with an Eating Disorder

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Siblings whose brother or sister develops a serious illness such as an eating disorder can step forward and take a very positive caring role, walking alongside the sibling with the eating disorder at her pace and communicating in a non-judgemental, often light hearted and compassionate way. Siblings can also be very matter of fact when noticing the effects of the illness in a way that parents might struggle with.

On the other hand, siblings often report feeling angry, confused, upset, left out, guilty and resentful when an eating disorder comes to visit, especially if they are not being included in any of the family discussions about their sibling’s illness and care programme. This can need careful management in an age appropriate way. Education about eating disorders will help them to understand and develop more empathy.

This two hour workshop aims to provide some psychoeducation, an introduction to the New Maudsley Model, including communication skills to help siblings to maintain a powerful bond despite the efforts of the eating disorder to wreak havoc with relationships within the family.

Attendees need to be age 18 or over. If you would like to reserve a place please email me at and I will send through a short reservation form and the materials for the workshops.  There will be no charge for this course, I will just ask that you complete a short evaluation form at the end of the course as we are very interested in compiling evidence that online workshops are effective.  Donations to the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust who is covering my costs are most welcome.

You will need access to Zoom and have a quiet space for the duration of the session.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Comments from a 19 year old who attended the Carer Skills Workshops with her younger brother and parents:

Before I came on the course I was so angry with everything about my sister’s eating disorder. It seemed like she was purposefully destroying our family life, attention seeking and constant dramas. I hated what it was doing to our whole family and I felt my own teenage years were being stolen. After one session the penny dropped and I gained the understanding that eating disorders are not a choice, that my sister wasn’t just being a wilful selfish child, and that I could become her ally against the ED voice with compassion and energy.