Training Workshops and Courses

Professional Training for Eating Disorders and Obesity

Training in Working with Eating Disorders & Obesity– 2 days

Dates: Friday & Saturday 8th & 9th February  2019 (Tunbridge Wells)

 Saturday & Sunday 23rd/24th March 2019 (Herne Bay)

Friday & Saturday 20th/21st September 2019 (Tunbridge Wells)

This academic and experiential course is a marvellous introduction for all health professionals who wish to deepen their understanding and work ethically and competently in the area of eating disorders and obesity. The course is based on what I have learned from Deanne Jade, Founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders. You will broaden your skills base and learn how to work safely with these clients.


Take the Food, Weight & Shape Off Your Mind

Running on two Saturdays 12th and 19th January 2019

Change your life forever, dieting doesn’t work, therefore, make changes that will make you happy, ‘diet no more and gain the piece of mind you have always yearned for and learn the tools needed to keep it that way’.

I promise I will not weigh you and clap along with everyone else if you have lost weight and I will guide you appropriately if gaining weight is fearful for you. I will not suggest a food replacement liquid diet or detoxing on the latest fad to hit the papers, and yet if you invest in time with me you can permanently change your relationship with food and your mindset!


Skills Workshop for Anyone Caring for Loved Ones With an Eating Disorder

As a professional with many years working in this often dark and scary world I understand and empathise with the challenges and enduring sadness and desperation that is at the heart of every person who is supporting their loved ones through the minefield of Eating Disordered behaviour, and how totally consuming it can be. I understand how overwhelming it can be and how the journey to recovery is often hugely frustrating and and how hopeless and helpless you may be feeling as you endure this overpowering battle to support your loved ones towards health.

I have had much success working with families sometimes seemingly entrenched in the world of eating disorders who feel that they are sinking in quick sand or drowning at the mercy of these often cruel and unrelenting illnesses. My job is to help you as a family understand the war that goes on in your loved one’s heads, constantly and with a totally engulfing cruelty.

I will work with you to fight back, and regain your power as a family and teach you the skills that will enable you to deal with the huge difficulties you have been enduring in the world that you would never have chosen as the path for your loved ones to have ever walked.