Take the Food, Weight and Shape of Your Mind

Change your life forever, dieting doesn’t work, therefore, make changes that will make you happy, ‘diet no more and gain the piece of mind you have always yearned for and learn the tools needed to keep it that way’.

I promise I will not weigh you and clap along with everyone else if you have lost weight and I will guide you appropriately if gaining weight is fearful for you. I will not suggest a food replacement liquid diet or detoxing on the latest fad to hit the papers, and yet if you invest in time with me you can permanently change your relationship with food and your mindset!

Dates: TBA

Location: Christ Church, High Street, Tunbridge Wells

Join my course and learn exactly what the National Centre of Eating Disorders has taught me, that you can live your life differently and be happy with both your size & shape and gain health both physically and mentally as bonus!

Over my two day course I will:

-Enlighten you about the nature of your problem, the effects of dieting, the ways in which the body controls appetite / weight and other matters relating to nutrition.

-You will learn psychotherapeutically why you behave as you do with food and other mind altering substances.

-I will teach you how to recognize the emotions concealed beneath food cravings, and how to deal with them as they arise.

-I will support you to change your mindset and in turn change your life and your health.

-This course will help you to reduce stress/anxiety effectively and to enhance your sense of control over food/thoughts and over life in general and undo the part of the problem which has become a habit.

-As part of the course both self-esteem, body image and assertiveness issues will be addressed and wound seamlessly into the course.

-Guide you back into viewing food in its proper context and as an enjoyable way of keeping you alive and well.

-Finally, I will help you come to see food as a friend, something to enjoy and savour as nourishment for both your body and soul.

This popular and successful course will run for 2 days and the investment will be £150.

Please contact me with any questions you might have here or call 01892-546773/07746679301.