“If we are ready to tear down the walls that confine us, break the cage that imprisons us, we will discover what our wings are for.”
– Michael Meegan

Weight related treatment:

Does eating and dieting rule your life?
Do you have weight problems that has a detrimental affect on your life and health?
Can’t face another diet and perhaps you are one of those people who have tried and failed every diet on the market and are bigger than ever?
You feel miserable about your life due to your weight and health issues and believe that you have no willpower to change?
You eat sensibly in public but on your own at times it goes out of control?
You eat a lot in secret?
Food feels like a friend and an enemy at the same time: you sometimes wonder if you are addicted to food?
You start dieting on Monday and by the afternoon the biscuit tin is empty again. You don’t know why and
you have mood swings, often for no reason; you feel depressed, alone and in despair.
You do not want to go on yet another diet. There has to be another way.

Being overweight or obese can have serious health issues

The main outcomes include:

-Tiredness & lack of energy

-Cravings; Diabetes or insulin resistance

-Problems with your heart and blood pressur

-Poor libido

Getting Help

It is hard to deal with a chronic weight problem without treatment. Even if you do lose weight with a liquid diet or another regime, you regain it again if you are eating to manage stress and feelings. Permanent weight loss without hunger and without deprivation is possible with the right support and help.

Recovery Aims

Obesity treatment starts with transforming your relationship with food and strengthening your willpower with a holistic care plan. After this it will be much easier to lose weight and keep it off. Counselling will build your emotional resources, deal with old hurts, work on the “obesity mindset” and teach you new ways of feeling in control. I start with a full assessment to help build the personalised treatment plan that is right for you.

Treatment to Restore Your Relationship With Food Will Focus On

-Gaining insight about your eating patterns and food cravings; discovering what in your past has contributed to your weight problem.

-Strengthening your motivation to change. We know that you would worry about being hungry and deprived of your favourite foods. This doesn’t happen.

-Nutritional guidance; gets you back in touch with your natural appetite, banishes cravings and transforms your wellbeing.

-Emotional strengthening to manage feelings like stress, and unhappiness without turning to food.

-Managing constant thoughts and worries about food and weight.

-Managing lapses so that you keep feeling in control.

-Self worth and body image healing.

The Next Step:

I totally understand weight problems and irrational cravings, and know how to turn it around in a way that is right for you.

Would you like to know more about WHAT can be done for you personally? The first step is to have a no obligation assessment in person with me and the first step starts here and today.

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