4 Day Training – 23rd-24th January & 6th-7th February 2021

Working with Eating Disorders & Obesity - Training for Professionals

Looking to brush up on your skills in working with those with eating disorders? Join me at my first course of 2021 hosted by Link Centre in January/February.

Eating disorders of all types are complex in themselves and perhaps are only uncovered once a patient has sought therapeutic support for other issues. This training is designed to give counsellors and health professionals a toolkit to help support those suffering and tailor approach to their specific needs. Practitioners can use this course as a stand-alone module or as a steppingstone to gaining the National Centre of Eating Disorders world famous Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity. Details of this course can be found on 0845 838 2040.

The four-day session aims to give those looking to expand their professional knowledge of the complexities of eating disorders an understanding of how to identify disordered eating and support recovery. We will also cover the importance of nutrition/nutritionist involvement in the process of recovery with input from Lisa Smith, Nutritionist at Nutriology and Senior Lecturer at Brighton University. In addition, there will be a module from Jenny Langley, an experienced carer with specialist training to deliver the New Maudsley Carer Skills workshop on supporting carers and loved ones of those with eating disorders.

For more information or to book visit www.thelinkcentre.co.uk or contact them on 01892 652487.