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My name is Bernadette Wright (Bernie) and I work as a BACP (Accred) Counsellor/Psychotherapist and Qualified Clinical Supervisor. I am a Master Practitioner in my field and passionate in everything regarding the work that I do and in supporting my clients into achieving the very best they can ever be.
I work in an Integrative way which is my deliberate choice after many years of working in this field, as fundamentally it draws together distinct models of counselling and psychotherapy which are used together in a converging way rather than in separate pieces. I use different approaches directly tailored to suit the requirements of my clients and yet mainly draw from Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy , Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy all of which I have training in.


How I Can Help

I offer a variety of services to my clients including


The use of food as an emotional regulator is a problem that has affected countless people. Since specialising in 2007, I have worked successfully with many clients, with a vast range of eating disorders. My process, which begins even before the first assessment, has been developed over my career to get to the emotional root of eating disorders and to help my clients repair their relationship with food and get their lives back on track.



It is hard to deal with a chronic weight problem without treatment. Even if you do lose weight with a liquid diet or another regime, you regain it again if you are eating to manage stress and feelings. With over a decade of specialised training in this field, I work to help my clients to achieve permanent weight loss without hunger and without deprivation.



When traditional therapies have struggled to achieve the desired results, I have found that the Emotional Freedom Technique has often had remarkable impact. A gentle yet powerful therapy, it can reach down into the complex nature of eating disorders, to manage all kinds of difficult issues normally resistant to traditional therapies such as cravings, resistance to change and body hatred and addictions.



This academic and experiential course is a marvellous introduction for all health professionals who wish to deepen their understanding of eating disorders /obesity and work ethically and competently with eating disorders & obesity. The course is based on what I have learned from Deanne Jade, Founder of the National Centre for Eating Disorders. You will broaden your skills base and learn how to work safely with these clients.



Change your life forever, dieting doesn’t work, therefore, make changes that will make you happy, ‘diet no more and gain the piece of mind you have always yearned for and learn the tools needed to keep it that way’. Join my course and learn exactly what the National Centre of Eating Disorders has taught me, that you can live your life differently and be happy with both your size & shape and gain health both physically and mentally as bonus!



Relationships do not always work out and you may come to the painful conclusion that the only option left is to go your separate ways. Through couples meditation I will support you to make the transition as painless as possible and guide you as you tread through the minefield of legal, personal and often as a side effect of your circumstances professional difficulties.




  • Bernie’s training in eating disorders is totally professional and informative. Her passion and expertise made a two-day course incredibly inspiring and enjoyable. A solid beginning for anyone contemplating this field of work and professionally I have benefited greatly from learning more about this subject. - Frances Button BACP (Accred) Counsellor/Psychotherapist (professional training)

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Bernadette Wright BACP (Accred)

Counsellor/Psychotherapist /Qualified Clinical Supervisor
Tel: 01892-546773 Mob: 07746679301
Richmond Place
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

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